Tibet Weather and Travel Tips

The weather in Tibet is actually not as harsh as many people think, and a trip to Tibet can be arranged all year around. Though from April to October is generally considered the best time for Tibet travel, winter is also good for visiting Lhasa and central Tibet. Different seasons have different scenery.

Tibet Weather Outlines in the Four Seasons

Spring comes late in Tibet. People usually start the tour to Everest Base Camp and Namtso Lake in April. The weather is clear and pleasant, and there aren’t too many tourists during this shoulder season. Discounts for air tickets and accommodation are available, so scheduling a Tibet tour between April and early June is an affordable choice.

Summer begins on July and ends in early September. Tibet has mild temperatures of up to 27°C on the plateau. The months of July and August, which are the high season as well as the monsoon, bring half of Tibet’s annual rainfall. Reservations for the tour need to be made ahead of time, especially during the Shoton Festival in August.

Autumn (mid-September to October) is a great season to go to Tibet. The weather in most areas of Tibet is still comfortable for tourists with the lowest temperature being above 0°C. The rainy season comes to an end in mid to late September, and therefore makes the overland tour across Tibet much smoother and without the troubles of the landslide blocking the road.

Winter (December, January, February, March) is the low season for Tibet, and it’s cold to visit the mountain regions. However, it is also a good time of year to have a tour in Lhasa and the sites around it. You’ll enjoy a less crowded visit in the Potala Palace, and if you are interested in natural landscapes, a trip to Yamdrok Lake is a good option in winter too.

Tibet Weather and Travel Tips by Month

Don’t know how to plan a perfect Tibet tour in different months? And what clothes should you prepare for your trip in Tibet? You’ll find the detailed monthly Tibet weather data as well as some travel tips below.

Tibet Weather in Different Destinations

Tibet is vast geographically, and the weather varies from region to region. Getting the first-hand weather data on the destinations which you’ll visit would definitely help and ensure you a well prepared tour.

More Weather-based Tips for Tibet Travel

Have a question on what to wear in the four seasons in Tibet? How is the weather like in Tibet during Christmas? Following are some practical weather-based tips for traveling to Tibet.