We're constantly hearing from our customers about how much they enjoyed their trip, how amazing their experience of Tibet was, and how they're telling others back home about the incredible Tibet.
From Ms. Elena Maria Valisi From Ms. Elena Maria Valisi
GTT-V-3371, 10-09-2019

I highly recommend this agency. I travelled with other 2 couples who booked through different agencies and they paid a lot more to have less assistance, same hotels/tour/guide/car, less flexibility and no travel insurance included.

Violet helped us in any way she could.
She booked us a cheap flight from Xining to Lhasa (40$ less a person than online fare available for westerns websites!!) she was always efficient and present during the 7 days and even later, till we reached Kathmandu. She suggested us to not cross the border by jeep due to the poor condition of the road and she was right, the journey took us 12h on a destroyed/muddy/never ending mountain sharp hairpin bended road. We should have trust her.
She verified we found our driver (she arranged us in the same jeep of the rest of the group) at the border and that we arrived safe in Nepal even if it was not her business anymore.

About the 7 days trip Lhasa to Kathmandu: it's an extreme trip, not due to altitude sickness only, they give you the time to acclimatise in Lhasa but get Diamox before and during your stay!, but due to hotels and cleanliness/hygienic conditions. It's not for everybody! Be ready for NOT clean hotels, no water, no sheets and dirty beds at the EBC (they moved it 25km far), disgusting public toilets (you will prefer the nature....)
- You arrive in Lhasa on day 1
- you visit 2 monasteries a day on day 2 and 3
- you will be sit in a van for the rest of the trip, enjoying the landscapes at 100 km/h (if you get motion sickness, for will be sick for sure).
You almost don't walk (except for a few minutes to take pics at Yamdrok tso and 5 minutes at Karo La Glacier) and you cannot really enjoy the nature or the villages you pass by, except for monasteries.
- it's not a cheap tour

5 stars to Violet and GoToTibet, but not to the tour, but it can be our limit as well.

From Mr. Severin Wechsler From Mr. Severin Wechsler
GTT-V-3233, 22-08-2019

Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit der individuellen Tour welche wir mit "Go to Tibet Tours" zusammenstellen konnten (8-Tagestou; Peking und Lhasa). Der Trip hat uns sehr gefallen, alles lief wie geplannt. Die Tourguides (Forrest und Kielsang) waren sehr hilfesbereit und kompetent. Die ganze Organisation mit "Go to Tibet Tours" verlief sehr einfach und die Mitarbeiter (Violet) antworten innerhalb kürzester Zeit auf anfragen.

Wir können "Go to Tibet Tours" definitiv weiterempfehlen.

Client's Feedback

From Emma & Tracie From Emma & Tracie
GTT-V-3230, 08-07-2019

Hello Violet,

Unfortunately, Tracie and I have returned home now, holidays always go to quickly! We just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thanks very much for organising the tour for us. 

Your stress free booking process, speedy & informative communication and the knowledgable & friendly tour guide (Tampur) all contributed to us both having a great time in Tibet. Here’s hoping more like minded travellers book your tours and get to see Tibet as we did.

By all means if you want us to leave feedback somewhere online for you then don’t hesitate to let us know.

Thanks again,

Emma (& Tracie)
From Mrs. Florentina Gadau From Mrs. Florentina Gadau
GTT-V-3026, 28-05-2019

Hello Violet, 
We arrived home safe and happy. The experience in Tibet was wonderful. Thank you for your professionalism and way of organizing our trip. 

Kind regards, Florentina
Tibet Tour Feedback
From Ms. Florencia  Marino From Ms. Florencia Marino
GTT-V-3074, 28-05-2019
Hi Violet, how are you?

It is me who needs to apologize. Should have written before but just got back from the holidays. 

We went to Nepal after Tibet for trekking and I got disconnected from internet for quite a while.

We were most impressed with all you assistance before the trip. You did am amazing job, replying always on time and providing all the information needed, so thank you very much!!

Tibet was great. We believe all the hotels and places to eat were really good. We did remark that the hotel in Lhasa could improve as the rooms provided smelled weird and first room we stayed in had sticky floor. They could improve in cleanliness but service was good.

We were very pleased with the guides as well. Always on time, helpful and knowledgeable. 

We found the tour with TripAdvisor. I think we googled: "tour to Tibet" or something of that sort. And decided on you due to the reviews. I promise to make one this week ????.

Thanks again and all the best.
From Mrs. Marina Wenzel From Mrs. Marina Wenzel
GTT-V-3015, 06-05-2019

Dear Violet,

We had a great tour. Thank you very much for everything.
Tenzin did a very good job. Our children were very excited, too.
I found your business through a Google search. I entered the search words Tibet Trip. Your business was under the first ten results, I think, and our first contact gave me the feeling to do the right thing.
I send some photos of our beautiful adventure. You are welcome to use the photos freely.

Best regards and thank you very very much!


Our TripAdvisor url:
GTT-V-3015 Tibet Travel Photo
GTT-V-3015 Tibet Tour Feedback Form
From Mr. Vikrant Bhushan From Mr. Vikrant Bhushan
GTT-D-2984, 07-11-2018


We had a wonderful trip to Lhasa, EBC and Namtso lake. Thanks for arranging the trip.

Tashi, Tenzin and Lopsung have been very helpful, attentive to our needs and supportive. We are glad that they had been with us for the trip. 

Warm Regards,
Tibet Tour Feedback from TripAdvisor

From Mr. Tony Maw From Mr. Tony Maw
GTT-V-2799, 17-07-2018

Dear Violet,

What can my wife and I say, it was beyond all our expectations.

Firstly your expert knowledge aided us in our decision-making. The hotel in Lhasa was centrally located with so many shops, restaurants and the view of the Potala palace at night was unexpected highlight.

Our guide Tenzing's knowledge of the monasteries was very helpful giving us a new insight into the history and establishment of Tibet.

His knowledge of the quiet photo locations and small local homes that offered meals or out of the way restaurants.

Our driver was very safe and despite limited English was indeed very funny.

Both myself and my wife would like to thank GoToTibet for a wonderful trip and if people are considering travelling to China they can travel with the full confidence that they are in safe and capable hands.

Tony Maw

From Ms. Dao Thu Hien From Ms. Dao Thu Hien
GTT-G-2781, 16-05-2018

This is the best trip ever. Tibet is just wonderful. 

We travelled with Go To Tibet in early 2018 and joined the EBC group tour, I am surprised by the wonderful service provided by them, this tour totally exceeded my expectations and could not have been better. 

My trip advisor is Glenna, she always reply very quick to my inquiries and would patiently answer to all of it. You can just tell her what do you want to see and they would work it out. Also if you have other requirements like upgrade hotels or have some food allergies, it would be good to let them know.

Our Guide was Phurbu, he’s extremely knowledgeable, excellent English, know a lot history and Tibetan religious stories, easy to be around, and guided us through everything just beautifully, helping out with everything along the way. 

One more plus point is that if you have any problems, they will take care of it right away. It is very normal that something unexpected happen during a trip, then it would be fantastic to have a good help. 

I definetely recommend Go To Tibet, it is a very trusting company, has excellent trip advisor and Tibetan guide.

Next time, most possibly 2019, I would be back to visit Narigri area, the Mt. Kailash, already looking forward to it. Yeah~~

TripAdvisor Review
From Mr. Rupert Smith From Mr. Rupert Smith
GTT-V-2777, 16-05-2018

Greetings Violet,

Just to say that I had a very enjoyable and enriching visit to Tibet and that the guide was excellent. 

Thank you for your thoroughly professional help with arranging this.

Best regards,

Tibet Tour Feedback
From Ms. Chiara Martin From Ms. Chiara Martin
GTT-D-2586, 06-12-2017

I did 10 days itinerary including Everest base camp and Namtso lake. It was a small group of 6 people. We first visit Lhasa and all sightseeing and then we have been E.B.C woke up early morning and have a little trek of around 5k each way to the base camp. We slept in a tent guest house. Amazing experience !The last stop was in Namtso lake one of the holy lake in Tibet. We reached the lake for sunset and woke up early to see the sunrise. All the scenery were stunning! It is absolutely an unforgettable experience!Hotels are very good and guest houses are a unique Tibetan experience. Daniel is the person from Go to Tibet that organise everything for me also the train from Beijing and back is very helpful and professional. The tour guide speak English perfectly and also have full knowledge of all the sightseeing!

GTT-D-2586 Review TripAdvisor.jpg
From Mr. Tivadar Polg From Mr. Tivadar Polg
GTT-D-2600, 06-12-2017

My girlfriend and I chose this organization because they were the most helpful company while asking for information about Tibet. They proposed different options to make sure they please our needs! We are both glad that we took the tour with them. We can only recommend this company!



GTT-D-2600 Review on TripAdvisor.jpg


GTT-D-2600 Feedback Form.jpg

From Mr. Alex Restrepo From Mr. Alex Restrepo
GTT-1410, 31-12-2016

The extreme kindness and elegence of our guide, exceeded our expectations, absolutely, we are very joyful. Alex Restrepo, John Bell & Ricardo Castrllanos

GTT-1410 Tibet Tour Feedback.jpg GTT-1410 Tibet Tour Photo.jpg

From Ms. Yvoone Chong From Ms. Yvoone Chong
GTT-1258, 28-12-2016

An unforgettable trip to Tibet with Gototibet tour . Excellent tour with really nice and helpfull guides. Thank you very much to Daniel Yang ,Norbu & driver.

GTT-1258 Tibet Tour Photo.jpg

GTT-1258 Tibet Tour Feedback.jpg

From Ms. Mary Smith From Ms. Mary Smith
GTT-1628, 28-12-2016

We had an amazing experience with this Go To Tibet- tour company in Tibet. To begin, the coordinator of the journey, Glenna Liao, was incredible to work with. She was responsive to all of my inquiries and willing to customize any part of the tour for our convenience and comfort. She made sure at everyone point that our permits and documents were in order, so we could just relax, show up, and enjoy an amazing visit to Lhasa and nearby areas of Tibet. 

The experience in the city itself was fascinating and the tour guides were knowledgeable about the history and everyday life of Tibetan people. We were shown local restaurants, historical sights, and areas to walk around and enjoy local culture. We felt comfortable and taken care of at every turn. :) Definitely use this company in the future!!! 

Visited August 2015

From Ms. Angelena Lim From Ms. Angelena Lim
GTT-1527, 26-12-2016

For us, Tibet has always had this mysterious-ness about it. It is a tightly controlled place, high up in the clouds. We are intrigued by its people, intrigued by everything we've read about it, intrigued by all the red tape just to get to the place. 

GoToTibet was fantastic in personalising our whole trip. Nothing was too difficult, even when I wanted a mixture of private and group tours. Advice given by Daniel was invaluable. He just made organising the trip a breeze. And once we were there, as is expected in China, we had a few setbacks with delays, etc. Daniel was ever-ready to help, even when it was after business hours. He set our mind at ease, making everything fuss-free for us.
We had a mixture of tour guides, some absolutely fantastic and some requiring a little bit more training and experience. Pasang, our guide to EBC, is absolutely fantastic. He got the group to mingle and made everyone feel welcome and well-informed. He definitely made the difference between a good trip and a fantastic one.
Tibet is not for everyone. But for those looking for peace and serenity on a higher (spiritual) plane, it is a must-visit place. 
Visited April 2016
From Ken and Linda From Ken and Linda
GTT-1366, 09-07-2015
We added a GoToTibet tour to an Eastern China tour package and enjoyed it immensely – the native dress, the food, the slower pace, the friendliness of the people, the majestic scenery, the heritage sites ... memories we will cherish forever.
Our guide spoke good English and was quite knowledgeable about the history of Tibet and Buddhism. We wished we had read a little more about Buddhism beforehand because our immersion was a bit overwhelming at times.
GoToTibet was instrumental in getting our travel permit; we never would have made it had it not been for Glenna's patient efforts. She provided good advice, support and timely response to all communication. Place your trust in her and prepare for an awesome experience! 
Visited April 2015
Ken & Linda from Calgary, Canada
From Ms. Lynda From Ms. Lynda
GTT-1254, 01-07-2014

Dear Daniel,

I just wanted to say thanks for helping so much with the Tibet tour, everything was great, and you certainly made things go very smoothly. 

Your tour guide Dourjee did a fantastic job too, he needs a serious pay rise as he is an absolute asset to your company. :)

Many thanks for everything, i'll be recommending your trip to others,



From Mr. Mirko From Mr. Mirko
GTT-1117, 01-07-2014

reviews, feedback for tibet tour, feedbacks, translation, tibetan handwriting

Dear Daniel,

First of all, thank you very much for all about the tour. It has been perfect, the guide, the locations, the transports......everything!!!

I will make a good review for you.

I try to make the last request to you if possible. i need to translate this sentence from english to tibetan writing:

"Exceeds all bitterness because you would not be up to the vastness of pain  that was entrusted to you"

Can you help me for that?

Thanks again for your patience.

Best regards and have a good day!



From Mr. Xavier From Mr. Xavier
GTT-1033, 23-06-2014

clients pictures, feedbacks, reviews, photos of clients

Dear Glenna,

We had a terrific time in Tibet and we would like to thank you for your help in achieving it.

We are back to Swizerland and have brought back amzing pictures, that i will share with you once we have reviewed all of them--they are so many!!!




From Mrs. Giubellini From Mrs. Giubellini
GTT-1164, 15-06-2014

Dear Laura,

We are finally come back home and we feel very happy to have seen Tibet, even if, i must admit, it was a bit tiring.

I wish to thank you for your cooperation and excellent service and i will keep in touch for our next visit in China.

Remember to give us suggestions about a possible itinerary even if we can't visit Shangri La, i am sure there are other beautiful places we can visit.

As to the pictures no problem to send a few but not on facebook which i don't use.

Let us have news from you from time to time until our next visit which won't be before 2015!



From Ms. Maya From Ms. Maya
GTT-1152, 07-06-2014

 clients pictures, feedbacks, reviews, photos of clients

Hello Glenna,

Hope this message finds you well.

Thank you for helping us to achieve our dream to visit Tibet. It is an incredible place. We still can not stop thinking every single day about it. We left our hearts in Tibet, definetely we will come back one day. This time for sure not just 8 days, but as more as possible.

We liked the trip very much and were pleased by the service and the warm attitude to us. Our guide was very good, as well the driver.On our way back from Everest,  they saw a nomad tent with yaks and stopped the car. We went to visit the people. I think this was a very good idea, it impressed me more than everything else i saw. In the feedback information that Namgyal gave us to fill, i wrote that it would be nice if this could be included in the itinerary.  Visiting nomad village / tent gives us a closer touch to the way of living of some local people.

Please send warm greet to Namgyal. Tell him that we highly appreciate what he has done for us and we will never forget him.

P.S. I would gladly to write in Trip Advisor, just need some time to realise i am get home and to get my thoughts in line.


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Hot Scenic Spots

Tibet lies in the north-east of the Himalayas. It is special not only for the spectacular nature scenery, also the unique local customs. For a lot of people, Tibet is remote and inaccessible. But once you are here, you would know it’s a magical place, it is alien to common experiences. The beauty of Tibet is impossible to describe in words. Stop trying to define it, come and immerse yourself in it.
Potala Palace Potala Palace
Mt. Everest Mt. Everest
Yamdrok Lake Yamdrok Lake
Sera Monastery Sera Monastery
Namtso Lake Namtso Lake
Mt. Kailash Mt. Kailash

Client Feedback

From Ms. Elena Maria Valisi From Ms. Elena Maria Valisi
GTT-V-3371, 10-09-2019

I highly recommend this agency. I travelled with other 2 couples who booked through different agencies and they paid a lot more to have less assistance, same hotels/tour/guide/car, less flexibility and no travel insurance included.

From Mr. Severin Wechsler From Mr. Severin Wechsler
GTT-V-3233, 22-08-2019

Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit der individuellen Tour welche wir mit "Go to Tibet Tours" zusammenstellen konnten (8-Tagestou; Peking und Lhasa). Der Trip hat uns sehr gefallen, alles lief wie geplannt. Die Tourguides (Forrest und Kielsang) waren sehr hilfesbereit und kompetent...