Best Time to Visit Tibet

When is the best time to visit Tibet? It might be the most frequently asked question. In general, the best time to visit Tibet is from April through October. The weather during these months is relatively mild with warm days and cool nights. Nevertheless, as a matter of fact, you can appreciate assorted natural landscapes and enjoy various cultural customs during different period in Tibet. You are able to travel to Tibet all year around and get ultimately different feelings about Tibet each time. So, truth be told, there are pro's and con’s to each season of the year.

Spring is windy and dry, but it also means a clearer weather for amazing views of the mountain peaks. From June to August, it's warm and moist in Tibet, with the highest temperature of 28 degrees Celsius in summer, that makes most of the outdoor activities very agreeable. And Autumn is a great time to take an overland trip to Nepal via the famous Friendship Highway without the risks of suffering from the muddy road as the precipitation sharply decreases. Even in the coldest winter, central Tibet is good to go - off season discounts are offered by hotels and travel agencies. Besides, you can celebrate the Tibetan New Year with the locals.

More research should be done in order to avoid extreme weather or rainy season, or simply get away from the holiday crowds. You’d better check more details regarding the best time to visit Tibet according to destinations and themes.

Best Time to Different Destinations of Tibet

Tibet is a very vast land with various climatic features in different areas. Correspondingly, the best time for Tibet travel varies depending on which part of Tibet you visit. So, here come the questions: when is the best time to visit each of them? Is summer a good time to see Mt. Everest? Can Namtso Lake be visited in winter? You’ll find the answers below one after another.

Best Time to Tibet for Different Themes

Tibet is a collection of god-made wonders. Maybe you are interested in the towering snow-capped mountains or the most venerated monasteries or lakes; Maybe you are fond of the fascinating lifestyle of the locals and would like to spend some time at the atmospheric local teahouse; Maybe being a nature lover and you are keen on exploring the nature cliffs or caves; or a theological type who want to know more about the local traditions and religious events or celebrations; Maybe you are one of the adventurous souls who prefer a cycling tour or trekking tour in a remote place. No matter what brings you to Tibet, you will not be disappointed. To figure out when the best time is for each thematic tour would be the must-do work before you go. Check out more details below.