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Tibetan Dzi Bead-Spirit Totem of Tibet Nationality Tibetan Dzi Bead-Spirit Totem of Tibet Nationality
In the hearts of Tibetan compatriots, the so called dzi bead is a kind of very precious mascot. In Tibet, in the construction of temples, people there love to decorate buildings and worship Buddha with the dzi bead.
Tibetan Carpet Tibetan Carpet
Traveling to Tibet, you will be able to appreciate not only a wide variety of natural resources and beautiful scenery far away from this mortal life, but also elaborated products. Tibetan carpet is one of those exquisite products there.
Origins and legends of Tibetan Incense Origins and legends of Tibetan Incense
Tibetan incense, a golden treasure in the Buddhist incense heritage, was originated in the prosperous period of primitive Buddhism in India, evolved during the period of Buddhism when Buddhism was spread to China as the early stage of Tibetan Buddhism, and till today, it has developed and formed a set of spiritual system with unique characteristics.
Gawu-Tibetans’ Amulet Gawu-Tibetans’ Amulet
“Gawu” is a Tibetan transliteration referring to the box with Buddha in it. Inside of the box usually kept a small statue of Buddha, silk relics printed with scripture, Buddha’s relics, pills prayed by eminent monks, or hair or clothes fragments of Living Buddha etc. acting as an amulet or reducing the karma and growing in practice.
Lhatse Tibetan Knife Lhatse Tibetan Knife
Commonly recognized as the first brand among all kinds of Tibetan Knife, Lhatse Knife has long been holding a good reputation out there so that a great many people from everywhere are attracted here to purchase this famous knife produced in Lhatse, Tibet.
Yak Butter Sculpture Yak Butter Sculpture
Butter sculpture is a kind of unique shaping art of yak butter in the Tibetan culture. It is originated from Tibetan Bon religion, holding a history of more than 300 years. Yak butter sculpture is an exotic flower full-blossoming in the freezing point. It is a wonderful work of art mainly made of yak butter.
Kadian-Small Tibetan Rug Kadian-Small Tibetan Rug
Stepped into Tibetan residence, there are some warm and comfortable Tibetan carpets that are particularly appealing, which are named “Kadian”. It is one kind of small Tibetan rug and also one of the essential necessities of the daily life of the people living in Tibet.