Ultimate Guide and Some Useful Tips on Self-Drive Tours to Tibet

Taking a road trip to Tibet with your own vehicle could be a fascinating experience once in a life time. Compared with the road trip to other cities in China, self-drive to Tibet is more adventurous and more glamorous.

Tibet is an attractive destination for tourists who love Tibetan Buddhism, natural expedition, and escaping from the hustle and bustle of city life. Except of taking flight or train from inland China to Tibet, driving one’s own vehicle to Tibet becomes very popular now. But what preparations should be made and what routes are available for a self-drive tour to Tibet? You’ll find the detailed information below.

How to Plan a Self-Drive Tour to Tibet?

Step 1: Contact a Reliable Travel Agency for Self-Drive Tour to Tibet
Besides of a temporary driver’s license, a self-drive tour in Tibet additionally requires a Tibet permit if you are foreign tourists according to the government policy. Therefore, letting a professional travel agency to apply for this permit for you is necessary. Also, you’ll need to have a tour guide to assist you while you are on the road trip to Tibet from the border.

Step 2: Choose the Route for a Self-Drive Tour to Tibet
China borders 14 countries and has many ports open to the third country. Foreign tourists taking a road trip to Tibet mostly enter China from Xinjiang, Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan and Nepal. There are a broad of options you can choose from. Either an organized tour or a customized self-drive tour through Tibet and the other parts of China can be made.

Step 3: Choose a Good Time for Self-Drive Tour to Tibet
Generally, Spring (April, May, June) and Autumn (September, October) are good time to do a self-drive to Tibet. Summer (July, August) is the rainy season in Tibet, so the landslides may happen during the time to block the road. On the other hand, Winter (November to next March) is cold time, you may encounter snowy weather and icy road on the way.

Step 4: Prepare Documents for the Self-Drive Tour to Tibet
Once you and your travel consultant worked out a confirmed plan, you will send the documents such as passport, driver’s license scan copies, photo of your travel fellows and vehicles as well as elaborate files of your vehicle to the company who’s arranging the tour for you. Chinese Visa copies can be sent later since in some countries the visa can only be processed 3 months before the tour starts. However, if you enter Tibet from Nepal, there is no need to apply for a Chinese Visa in your country since you must apply for a Chinese Group Visa in Kathmandu. That is because of a special treaty between China and Nepal.

Step 5: Pack up and Start the Unforgettable Self-Drive Tour to Tibet
Good preparation can help you face less challenges and inconveniences while you drive to Tibet with your own car. Besides of some regular packing list, don’t forget to bring an emergency car kit and a Walkie Talkie in case you have several cars. Get ready and have a perfect self-drive tour to the roof of the world!

Essential Guide on the Self-Drive Tours to Tibet

The arrangement of driving your own vehicle to Tibet is very different from getting there by a flight or train. Following are some essential guide and tips on how to get the necessary driver’s license, what to pack for a Tibet self-drive tour, and the details of vehicle logistic and shipping services, etc.

Popular China Tibet Self-Drive Tours

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