Shanghai to Tibet Tour

Shanghai, the financial center of China, is one of the country’s largest and vibrant city.

Opened up by the British from 1841, this port city never lacks of stories. The Bund and the former foreign concessions tell its prosperities in the past, while the dense skyscrapers and the bullet-fast Maglev trains typifies modern China nowadays.

Shanghai is also the home to exquisite restaurants, exciting art galleries and colorful entertainments. This metropolis offers a taste of all the superlatives you can imagine, and you’ll find plenty to indulge in here.

There are daily flights and train from Shanghai to Lhasa, however, the direct train ride duration would be over 45 hours. While, flying to Xining (the starting point of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway) and then take the train from there is also a popular way, which could save you much time.

For many travelers who visit China for the first time, a combined tour of the megacity Shanghai and the holy city Lhasa would be a good way for you to feel the rich culture diversity of the country.

6 Days Shanghai and Lhasa Highlights Tour
10 Days Shanghai Lhasa Everest Expedition Tour
9 Days Shanghai & Tibet to Nepal Overland Tour
7 Days Shanghai to Tibet Train Tour

Explore the featured highlights of Beijing (Great Wall & Forbidden City), Xi’an (Terracotta Warriors), Chengdu (Pandas & Hot Pot), enjoy the winding cruise of Yangtze River, and meet the devout pilgrims on the holy land of Lhasa. You’ll discover the diverse beauties of the country.

10 Days Best of China Tibet Tour
10 Days Best of China Tibet Tour
Beijing / Xi’an / Lhasa
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13 Days China Tibet Impression Tour
Beijing / Xi’an / Lhasa / Chengdu / Shanghai
15 Days China  Tibet Panoramic Tour
15 Days China Tibet Panoramic Tour
Beijing / Xi’an / Lhasa / Yangtze Cruise / Shanghai

All foreign tourists are required to get a Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) permit for visiting Tibet. Furthermore, an Alien Travel Permit is additionally needed for the trip to Everest Base Camp, as well as a Military Permit for the trip to Mt. Kailash or other sensitive border areas. All the permits will be organized by travel agencies on our side as part of our service, and the permit application process generally takes 15-20 work days depending on different routes of your Tibet tour. You can see more details below.

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